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 “ Nivee is a wonderful little girl, I have had her since she was 11 months old, she is by my side 24/7.  She alerts me whenever I am going to have a blackout about 15 minutes ahead of time.  She stays with me through one of them, right in my face.  I have time to find a place to sit down or if I am driving, I have time to get out of traffic and pull over and be safe.  Because of her, I am able to be out, take care of myself, drive wherever I need to go.  In the picture, I asked her to say a prayer for me, and as you saw, she did that as well.  She alerts me if a storm or bad weather is coming long before I know it.  She is the best and I hope that she lives many years. She is my angel and God sent her to me.  She came from a shelter where she was taken because she was unruly and kept digging out, she has never done that here.  All of her commands are done in Comanche and I have another Service Dog, Queen, at times they work together taking care of me, I am so lucky and blessed.”



We do not carry any Vests and/or Cold/Cool weather Capes in stock. We do not make anything until your order and payment is received. All Vests and Cold/Cool weather Capes are individually hand made for each client from scratch and are cotton/poly blend. Colors may be available by request.. All Vests and Cold/Cool weather Capes are $30.00 plus cost of patch and or embroidery. Custom made patches and embroidery are $1.35 per 1000 stitches and maybe subject to a $55.00 setup fee. For additional Information Email to: INFO

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